DIY Crayons Lipstick

DIY Crayons Lipstick: How To Make Lipstick Out Of Crayons

However, many brands of lipsticks are available in the market. That contains a lot of chemicals. Which are harmful to us, to whom we spend a lot of money. I will show you some simple methods to make lipstick. You can make your own favorite color lipstick at home with crayons. The lipstick made by crayon is not toxic. This is one of the best ways to make new lipsticks.  It can be done using old crayons to make new lipsticks.

Ingredients That Will Be Required for DIY Crayons Lipstick

● Crayons
● Half Spoon Vaseline
● 4-5 Drops of oil (almond oil, coconut oil, castor oil).
Cosmetic glitter (optional).

Preparing Containers to Store the Lipstick

● You will need some empty containers to store lipstick.
● Now clean these containers thoroughly with soap and water.
● After the container dries completely.
● Select your favorite crayon color, whichever color you want to make lipstick.

Remove Paper from Crayons

● You can put the crayons in water for a few minutes. After that you can easily peel the wrapper.
● You can also peel the wrapper from the crayons using a knife.

Break the Crayons into Small Pieces

● You hold the crayon with your fingers and break it into small pieces.
● If you have difficulty breaking the crayons with your fingers, you can cut them with the help of a knife.
● The crayons should be easier to melt into smaller pieces.
● Shaking the crayon while heating it will melt faster.

How To Make Lipstick On The Stove

● Fill the pan with 1 to 2 inches of water.
● Place a small glass bowl or a steel bowl inside the pan.
● Then place the pan with that water on the gas until the water in the pan gets heated.
● After the water boils in the pan, slow down the heat.
● Pour the pieces of crayons into the bowl, start melting it on low flame on the gas.
● Use a spoon to stir the crayon’s pieces.
● Add coconut oil few drops or Castor oil in that bowl.
● Add a half teaspoon of Vaseline for lipstick.
● Stir it well, Until the crayons are completely melted.
● Lift the bowl off the pan
● Now remove the crayon bowl from the pan.
● After that, you can use a dish towel to lift the bowl so that it does not harm you.

Put Lipstick in An Empty Container

● Pour this mixture into the empty container with the help of a spoon.
● After this, chill the lipstick in the refrigerator.
● You can use a small lipstick brush to apply the lipstick to your lips.

Add Variation to Lipstick

You can also put a little sparkle in the lipstick with cosmetic glitter. You can buy the cosmetic glitter from any online beauty shop. Using castor oil in it, you can further enhance the shine of lipstick. Do not use cosmetic glitter until the crayon has melted.

Last Words:

The lipstick from the crayons is good for your lips. It isn’t harmful for your lips. Making lipstick from crayon is also very easy.  You should try to make it at home once. You’ll really love it. You can make your favorite crayon’s lipstick multiple colors at once, and store it in a container. So that it can last for quite a long time.


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