Natural DIY Foundation Powder

Natural DIY Foundation Powder

Creating your own foundation powder is a fantastic way to ensure your makeup is both skin-friendly and environmentally sustainable. This natural DIY foundation powder is crafted from simple, wholesome ingredients that can be tailored to match your unique skin tone while nourishing your skin. As a zero-waste makeup option, it reduces environmental impact by eliminating the need for plastic packaging and harmful chemicals.

Follow this comprehensive guide to learn how to make and apply your own foundation, achieving a flawless, natural look while caring for your skin and the planet. Embrace the beauty of natural ingredients and discover a healthier, eco-conscious approach to your makeup routine.

Finding Your Perfect Shade

Here are the foundation shades for skin in different boxes

Matching Your ColorSpices and herb powders can be used to create the perfect foundation shade to match your skin tone. This part might require some experimentation to find the perfect color for you. Always start with a small amount and gradually add more as you test it. If you end up with too much color or the mixture becomes too dark for your skin tone, you can lighten it by adding more arrowroot powder or cornstarch.

Color Guide:

Nutmeg: Light brown-

Cocoa Powder: Light to medium brown (this is my favorite powder)-

Clove: Dark reddish-brown- Cinnamon: For warm skin tones-

Bentonite Clay: For cool skin tones

By mixing these ingredients, you can customize a foundation that perfectly matches your skin.

Seasonal Foundation Powder Customization

Creating your own custom foundation powder is an enjoyable and rewarding process. It feels like being an artist, blending colors to match your unique skin tone. One of the best perks of making your own foundation powder is the ability to tweak the formula as the seasons change. This means you don’t need to purchase a new foundation for summer or winter. It’s also a great way to save money. You can adjust the color and consistency using your current powder without needing to start from scratch unless you run out. This approach ensures your foundation always perfectly complements your skin, no matter the season.

Customizing your foundation powder to suit different seasons is both practical and fun.

To Deepen: When summer arrives and you have a tan, you can easily deepen the shade of your foundation. Just add a bit more warming cocoa powder and nutmeg to your existing makeup jar. If you prefer, you can use a glass cosmetic jar specifically for this mix. This simple adjustment ensures your foundation perfectly matches your summer glow without the need to purchase a new product.

To Lighten: As winter sets in and your tan fades, lightening your foundation is just as straightforward. If you still have some of your summer or fall blend left, simply mix in more arrowroot powder or cornstarch. This lightens the shade, making it more suitable for your winter complexion. This easy adjustment allows you to maintain a consistent look year-round with minimal expense and effort.

Creating Effective DIY Foundation Powder

The do-it-yourself trend is growing rapidly in the health and beauty world, and I found numerous DIY foundation powder recipes. But do they actually work? Initially, I was skeptical since most recipes used common pantry spices. However, after several months of testing, trial, and error. I developed a blend that I believe you’ll love. This custom foundation powder matches your skin tone perfectly. It also adapts easily to seasonal changes. It’s a natural, cost-effective alternative to store-bought foundations, allowing you to tailor your makeup to your needs and preferences. Whether you want to deepen the shade for summer or lighten it for winter, this DIY solution is both practical and versatile.

Natural Ingredients for DIY Foundation Powder

Bentonite Clay

This wonderful, healing clay absorbs excess oil from your skin and gives the DIY foundation powder a nice matte finish. Bentonite clay is excellent for makeup and also useful in homemade tooth powder.

Arrowroot Powder

If you often bake allergen-friendly recipes, you likely have arrowroot powder in your pantry. If not, don’t worry; you can use cornstarch as a substitute. Just make sure to use non-GMO cornstarch. Use arrowroot powder, not tapioca flour, for this DIY foundation recipe. For this DIY foundation powder recipe, arrowroot powder is specifically recommended.

Pantry Spices

This is where the customization happens, allowing you to create your unique color. Fair-trade cocoa powder adds warmth, nutmeg provides depth, and ginger brings golden tones. These simple ingredients not only offer color but also give your face a pleasant, warm scent. The first time I used it, I felt like I smelled like a freshly baked cookie, which was delightful!

Note: Some people are sensitive to cinnamon. If you have a reaction to cinnamon on your skin, omit it from the recipe. To test, apply a small amount of the finished powder (or just cinnamon) on the inside of your wrist for a few minutes to ensure no reaction occurs.

Essential Oils

Adding just five drops of lavender essential oil helps the powder bind and stay on your skin. This also maintains a loose powder form.

Essential Oil Caution

Avoid introducing concentrated toxins into your beauty products. Be wary of deceptive marketing tactics employed by big brands. Your skincare regime deserves transparency and safety. I highly recommend Still Point Aromatics for high-quality essential oils. These oils are organic, biodynamically farmed, and not mass-produced. Visit their site to read their story and see why I trust and support this transparent business. Their commitment to purity aligns perfectly with a toxin-free lifestyle.


To achieve a darker shade, add more cocoa powder.

To achieve a lighter shade, add more arrowroot powder.

If you have yellow or golden undertones, add more ginger root powder.


2 tablespoons arrowroot powder (similar to cornstarch)

3 teaspoons cocoa powder

1/4 teaspoon ginger powder

1/2 teaspoon bentonite clay

1/8 teaspoon cinnamon powder

1/8 teaspoon nutmeg powder

5 drops lavender essential oil


1. Add all dry ingredients to a glass or plastic mixing bowl.

2. Blend with a small plastic whisk or wooden spoon (avoid using metal).

3. Test the color on the back of your wrist using a cotton ball or makeup brush.

4. Adjust the color as needed by following the color-mixing tips in the notes.

5. Once you have achieved the desired color, add 5 drops of lavender essential oil.

6. Whisk until well blended.

7. Pour the mixture into a recycled, sanitized glass or eco-friendly makeup container with holes.

Best Way to Store Homemade Foundation

To keep your homemade foundation fresh, store it in an airtight container. A small glass jar with a lid works well, or you can buy an empty powder foundation container online. Choose a container with a wide mouth to make it easy to access the foundation. This ensures convenience, even when it’s nearly gone. Ensure the container is large enough to fit your makeup brush comfortably.

Shelf Life of Homemade Foundation

When stored properly in an airtight container. Your homemade foundation can last up to one year. This ensures you get the most use out of your custom blend. It also maintains its freshness and effectiveness.


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